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As we reach the bottom of the bag at Kettle Foods, all that is left to do is to polish off the finishing touches at their newly refurbished office in Norwich.

After months of designing, redesigning, planning, installing and a little bit of re-redesigning, the big chips* are finished and we can just see the last remnants of the flavourful powder in the corner of the packet.

The tenuous crisp-dust metaphor which I insist on using consists of minor jobs such as installing a mirror, finishing off the snagging and installing the main entrance doors, so we hope to be completely done by the end of October.

If you would like an office refurbishment and to see what lazy figurative language I can crowbar into these news stories to describe the progress of your order, contact us today.

*As they’re an American company, they (wrongly) insist on calling them chips. If you ask for the customary British cuisine Fish ‘n’ Chips in the States, you will be unpleasantly surprised.

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