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The Genome Analysis Centre (TGAC) is a research institute focused on the application of state of the art genomics and bioinformatics to advance plant, animal and microbial research to promote a sustainable bio-economy, and if that makes sense to you … then you Sir/Madam, are smarter than I.

Basically, the good folks at TGAC are extremely brainy; in fact they’re so brainy that they have chosen Bluespace to supply them with a whole new office design with accompanying furniture (although let’s face it, however brainy you are, that’s a no-brainer).

Without the guiding hand of the Bluespace chief, Jonathon and his beautiful (administrative) assistant, Louise who are on “vacation” in the states, we continue work on TGAC, and so far the Bluespace tribe is all running smoothly.

If you consider yourself smart enough to research genomics and bioinformatics, or you’re just smart enough to make the informed decision of using Bluespace to design and create a nice new office for you, get in touch.

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