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Suspended Ceilings

Offering a quality finish, suspended ceilings remain a popular feature of modern office design. Otherwise referred to as a ‘drop ceiling’, panels which are suspended from above serve as a secondary ceiling that disguises any irregularities or unsightly structural elements.

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Made to measure

Made to measure

Versatile design

Versatile Design

Better lighting

Better Lighting

Noise reduction

Noise Reduction

What does suspended ceiling mean?

Suspended ceilings are secondary ceilings which hang from structural slabs. Otherwise referred to as drop ceilings or false ceilings, these fixtures are typically installed to conceal electrics and to provide a professional finish to a room.

As well as covering up beams and run wires, a white suspended ceiling can also increase the amount of natural light available in a given workspace. 

It’s also possible to create a suspended ceiling with insulation to enjoy energy savings as well as cleaner aesthetics and a quieter working environment.

Moisture resistant, suspended ceilings maintain their good looks and are very much a future-proof fixture. What’s more, they look great in offices, schools and leisure environments.

With various panelling, tiling, and finishing options available, it’s easy to install a suspended ceiling which integrates seamlessly with the fixtures which surround it.

Overhead lighting and fans can also be added to a drop ceiling to provide any additional features that a workplace requires.

After performing an exact measurement of your office dimensions and assigning an appropriate drop height, our team will create the perfect suspended ceiling grid for your workspace.

How much does a suspended ceiling cost?

Like all office fixtures, the cost of a suspended ceiling will depend on the size of your office, your choice of materials and any additional requirements you might have. 

To get a better idea of the cost attached to your project, contact our team today to receive a quote.

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