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As we conclude the snagging on the inside of Kettle’s main office in Norwich, we begin work on the outside. Because of where the receptionist is placed in relation to the main entrance, and the frequency in which this door is opened and closed to the outside world, it emerged that it could have some icy implications. To combat this, Bluespace are adding a porch-like structure with a second set of doors which will mean that guests can enter the building without bringing an unwelcome gust of icy Norfolk air with them.

For now, you can see the before shot if you click on the image on the left, and as soon as the porch is up and running, we will be sure to supply you with an after shot. In the meantime, if you can’t wait and you would like to see an impressive before and after shot of Kettle right now, take a look at the images of the bathroom.

If your receptionist is cold from the perpetual use of the front door, or perhaps you think your bathroom looks like the ‘before’ when you really think that it should look like the ‘after’, drop us an email.

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