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Office Partitions

Breaking up space in an unobtrusive fashion, office partitions are a flexible layout solution that have the added advantage of enhancing the look and feel of a workspace. A popular feature in modern office design, these fixtures help to create bright and inspiring environments that are exciting to work in.

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Made to measure

Made to measure

Versatile design

Versatile Design

Better lighting

Better Lighting

Noise reduction

Noise Reduction

Allowing light to flow through an office whilst at the same time dividing it into smaller sections, partitions are an attractive alternative to solid walls.

What’s more, they’re far less of a commitment than permanent building work and can be easily installed to a new or existing office. Thanks to their modular design, glass and solid office partitions are also easy to adapt or remove at short notice.

Made to measure, each office partition is built to meet the structural demands and design aesthetics of any given workplace.

As well as bespoke sizing, office partitions can be assembled with acoustic and fire rated doors attached to them. Improving safety and sound management, these fixtures ultimately bring with them all the benefits of properly fitted walls.

Whilst frameless partitions allow a greater amount of light to flow through them, framed partitions can be finished in company colours to complement the overall styling and theme of an office.

Altogether, office partitions are a versatile and inviting layout solution that help to improve privacy, divide rooms and create breakout spaces. Proven to increase productivity, they can be installed to form meeting areas as well as quieter lone working environments.

In addition to being incredibly popular in offices, partitions are regularly used in educational and leisure settings.

No matter where you plan to install your office partition, contact our team today to receive a quote for your project.

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Recent Office Partitions Projects

View imagery of some of our most recent office partition installations.

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