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Herman Miller has been working with the world’s leading thinkers and designers to adapt the working place to the changing times. The way businesses work, how they work and the tools they use to work are evolving and it’s Herman Miller’s goal to evolve with them.

Essentially, the concept of the living office focuses on a broader connection between people, nurturing creativity, enhancing productivity and ultimately, inspiring success. Ten locations within the office have been identified in the quest for a more streamline and connected workplace.


The haven, as the name suggests, is the safe place for workers to concentrate without distractions.


This is where workers are working in close proximity to boost creativity and exchange ideas.

Jump Space

These desks are placed in highly approachable work points where workers can come for periods of time between activities to discuss ideas.


A sub-division designed for teams concentrating on long term projects.


The cove is a compact space within the vicinity of other work areas, a place for workers to come and create and communicate.

Meeting Space

The meeting space is self-explanatory, a place for people to share information whether it be for presentations or a one on one exchange.


This an open and inviting office situated next to meeting rooms. Employees can use this space to warm up and cool down before and after meetings.


The workshop is the place where people can come together to complete a specific task away from the rest of the office.


This is the place with the big screen, where employees or clients are brought for those all-important presentations.


The Plaza is the heart of the office, a dynamic area where people can escape their desks, and reflect on their work with colleagues.

If you are keen to add some or all of these features to your office, send us an email at and let us assist you in creating an exciting, new office.

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