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After a busy summer filled with office design and refurbishment projects, we’ve at last had the chance to turn our attention to our own office – the builder’s house is always the last to be built!
We’re really excited about our plans, which include refitting our kitchen and reception, as well as sprucing up our office area.

One of the things we’re most excited about is the installation of our new sit stand desks. Sit stand desks are taking over offices across the country, which is unsurprising as they alleviate many of the negative health concerns of sitting at desk for extended periods of time. Sit stand desks have a simple mechanism which allows the user to easily raise or lower the height to a standing or seated position, allowing individuals to work at their PC at either height.

Sit stand desks clearly wouldn’t work for everyone, but for those who do use them, they can help promote circulation and have even been said to help with office morale! We’ve installed these simple, yet revolutionary desks at all of our workstations and our team can’t wait to get using them. Once we’re finished, we’ll post some pictures and the team’s first impressions of our new desking…stay tuned!

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