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Storage is one of the most important elements in any office. Without our trusty filing cabinets and pedestals we’d all be wading through paperwork and the sweeping trend of ‘clean desk policies’ would be near on impossible!

Today’s offices are evolving quicker than ever. Cellular offices seem to be a thing of the past with open plan offices saving on floor space and boasting increased levels of interactivity between colleagues. With increasing numbers of employees working ‘on the road’, or from home the newest trend seen in busy working offices is hot desking; employees don’t have a dedicated workstation but instead sit at any available desk.

Bisley’s Bite® pedestal units cleverly wrap over and under single workstations or bench desks, creating a sense of personal space – perfect for open plan offices, plus its castors means it’s mobile. Hot-desking individuals can lock up their personal work documents in their Bite® unit and easily move their secure storage around the office.

It’s the unique features that really set Bite® apart from traditional pedestals. The top compartment that sits above the desk surface has a cantilevered lid that can be opened to create a screen between workstations with either a pin-board or whiteboard surface inside. The secure compartment also has a letterbox opening on the outside for receiving mail. The lower part can have a combination of two intermediate drawers or a medium drawer both with a filing drawer underneath.

With three standard finishes and also available in an additional 20 other colours, we think the Bite® will be very popular in modern offices!

Find out more about the Bite® on Bisley’s website.

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