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As the clocks went back on Saturday night, the Bluespace clock seems to have gone back by approximately 4 years as we revisit one of our previous clients, Arnolds. But things have changed in our time apart, not least of all their name which is now Arnolds Keys.

It seems that the name change has prompted an office change and so, already clued up on where to go for the apex of design and fit-out know-how, Arnolds Keys returned to the capable hands of Bluespace for their city centre office revamp.

The plan is to redesign the layout to add extra space for a meeting room and generally revive the look and feel of the office. This includes delicately taking a chunk out of the featured curved wall, replenishing their existing desks with smart, updated workstations with monitor arms and providing them with a brand new bespoke reception desk.

If despite the extra hours sleep on Sunday morning, your office is looking a little tired and you’d like to inject some life into it, or your company has updated its name and you think your office needs to follow suit, contact us today.

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