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We know what you’re thinking, ‘where have Bluespace been over the summer and was the weather better there?’ Whilst we haven’t been lounging around in the sun all summer, what we have been doing is far better; completing office design projects galore and commissioning a fabulous new website! We’re excited to be back on top of our news articles and we’ve got some cracking projects to share with you.

If you’re a die-hard Bluespace follower, you’ll know that around 10 years ago, we completed a project for the Holden Group. Well, over the summer, they found themselves in need of an showroom refurbishment, so they dusted off their little black book and inside were Bluespace’s contact details and a big note saying what a good job we did with their last project (at least that’s what we like to think) and after a heartfelt reunion and a quick catch up, we were asked to fit out their Heigham Street Renault showroom.

All Renault showrooms have to adhere to their global showroom design standard which is a slight change of gear for us so we put on the brakes and our creative flair took a back seat, which could have been a spoiler (still with us?). However, if you know anything about Bluespace you’ll know that we are tenacious when it comes to design so we were able to blend in a little Bluespace alongside the Renault standard. We spent around 8 weeks working on this project and we’re delighted with the finished product.

All of the photos will soon be available on our case studies page!

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